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Corporate Information

Corporate Information


Company Overview


Master's Touch®, more than a brand, is a clear commitment to provide customers and consumers with the highest level of quality and safety on every fruit and vegetable.

Our vision for Master's Touch® has been simple, yet ambitious: Every Master's Touch® fruit and vegetables is to be grown, harvested, packaged and marketed to fulfill the most demanding nutritional expectations for today's health-conscious consumers.


Sales and Distribution                          


                                     Recently Bionova Produce came into parnership with Franks Distributing of produce LLC,

                                     and as a result, all sales are now handled and managed out of the headquarters office in

                                     Nogales, AZ. with shipping locations in Chulavista, CA, and Nogales AZ.


                                     Since our sales come out of the same inventory, all products are available to be sold by either

                                     one of the partner companies. All product is also shipped out of the same warehouse.


Premier Logo                                     Aside from shipping operations in the border, the Company has two regional distributors:

                                     Premier Fruits and Vegetables BBL Inc. (Canada), based in Montreal, QC handle all distributing

                                     operations for eastern Canada.

                                     Premier Fruits and Vegetables (USA), Inc. based in Philadelphia, PA, handles distributing and

                                     shipping operations as well.




With the marketing partnership, along came a farming partnership in which several farming operations in northwestern Mexico, all owned by the company, grow an array of fruits and vegetables for export into the USA. Labels handled are: Signature Brand, and Masterstouch. Some of these operations are certified for organic production and packing, and are now exporting CERTIFIED ORGANIC fruits and vegetables to the USA and Canada, sold under the "Masterstouch Organics" and "Signature Brand Organics" labels. For more information, please see our "Fruits and Vegetables" section.




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