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VineSweet® MiniPeppers


...Add these sweet little peppers to your produce department &

Your customers will come back again and again!!!


In taste testing surveys, 70% of consumers tell us that Master's Touch® MiniPeppers taste better than regular bell peppers. And taste is what matters most. Through traditional plant breeding and a proprietary seed. Master's Touch® developed a small pepper with a sweet taste, good texture and uniform "thumb" size. These virtually seedless, crayon-colored red, yellow and orange assorted MiniPeppers add a surprisingly mild flavor to dishes.

Consumers find their petite size a convenient, easy way to add to traditional and contemporary recipes. Served raw, VineSweet® MiniPeppers add crunch to salads or appetizers; their surprising texture stands up to stir-frys and other cooked preparations. With a generous supply of VineSweet MiniPeppers available all year-round, your customers can crunch more often.




Assorted (Red Yellow and Orange)

12x1 Dry pint

8x1.5 Lbs Clamshell

9x2 Lbs Bags

14 Lbs Bulk


                   For further details on the product, please check this slideshow, and also check us on the web.


Storage And Handling

Master's Touch® VineSweet® MiniPeppers require no special handling. They should be stored as any other ripened pepper. Keep them at 46º-48º F.



Master's Touch® VineSweet® MiniPeppers are fat, sodium and cholesterol free.



The bright colors and little size of these unique MiniPeppers will spark the interest of both household shoppers and gourmet cooks. Transparent clamshell packaging creates colorful displays with high eye appeal.


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